Feral Hamsters

It’s a herd of feral hamsters, a major herd, thundering across the yellow plains of the southern reaches of the Great Concavity in what used to be Vermont, raising dust that forms a uremic-hued cloud with somatic shapes interpretable from as far away as Boston and Montreal. … The noise of the herd is tornadic, locomotival. The expression on the hamsters’ whiskered faces is businesslike and implacable — it’s that implacable-herd expression. … With respect to a herd of this size, please exercise the sort of common sense that come to think of it would keep your thinking man out of the southwest Concavity anyway. Feral hamsters are not pets. They mean business. Wide berth advised. Carry nothing even remotely vegetablish if in the path of a feral herd.

— David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

Now everyone is going to get tired of me sending them quotes from Infinite Jest.

Lots of “The Wild Wild West” & “The Angry Beavers”

Wendy go me the complete series of The Wild Wild West television show for Christmas. It’s one of those shows, like Hogan’s Heroes, that I really liked growing up. They had a spy / steampunk thing going and I love it…always have. There’s something programmed into little boys to love secret agent gadgets, etc. Little boys don’t outgrow that, at least I didn’t.

The Wild Wild West This weekend me and the boys watched a lot of The Wild Wild West and we haven’t gotten through the first season. Unlike the 30-minute episodes of Hogan’s HeroesThe Wild Wild West has 1-hour episodes. The complete collection is (62) 1-hour episodes. Needless to say, they’ll be entertainment for us for quite a while. It’s fun to see the boys enjoy the series like I did (and still do).

The acting and some of the stunts are corny but it’s all forgivable for some unexplainable reason. It’s just good “old-fashioned” TV fun. I don’t have to flinch while watching the shows with the family. Another series I just got was the entire series of The Angry Beavers. These shows are Three Stooges type funny. Not so much intellectual, just funny.

The Angry Beaves

I’ve always wanted to buy the series but it wasn’t available for a long time. Finally, Amazon.com made it possible. We really enjoy these for simple comic relief. I think all the kids, from the oldest (in law school now), the twins (in college), to the youngest enjoy these shows. Just goofy funny; I make no apologies…

Frustrated with “Revolution”

I’m getting really frustrated with the TV show Revolution. I understand it’s fiction but it doesn’t even have logic on its side. Everything is from the feminine point of view. Good guys never use guns or force, bad guys do. Good guys win because they are good and sensitive.

The protagonist is repeatedly captured, beaten—she loses more often than she wins and needs to be rescued in every episode. It just doesn’t work. The successes aren’t even believable.

The only thing interesting in the story that keeps me watching is the mysterious necklaces that absorb or block electrical power. I will stop watching if that part of the store faulters or gets weak. We’ll see.

At least it’s on Netflix and I don’t have to pay extra to see it.