Ruby & Rusty #1

Using iMovie on my iPhone I spliced together a couple of clips of Ruby and Rusty from the first week we had them. Some of the clips are, obviously, before Rusty went to Dallas with Clinton.

It just makes me smile to see them playing like puppies; I watch it whenever I’m needing a happy moment.

Ruby and Rusty


Ruby (left) and Rusty (right)

Ruby (left) is our new 10-month-old Australian Shepherd and next to her is Rusty (right) who is her brother. Clinton has Rusty up in Dallas where he is attending SMU Law.

We just got them two days ago (Sat Mar 29). We’re having a lot of fun getting to know Ruby and I’m sure Clinton’s life is very different (in a good way) with Rusty around.

We’re looking forward to seeing them when they come back down here to visit in a couple of weeks!