Wooden Sword Prototype v2

The little kids have been asking for wooden swords so I started experimenting with ways to build one. I intend to practice building these prototypes until I’m confident enough to build them in hickory and walnut—this prototype is in clear pine. After I complete this sword in hickory I’m hoping to make some other styles; this one is ~38.5″ long.

Wooden Sword Prototype v2

Here’s a link to download a dimensioned drawing to build your own: Broad Sword Plans

Wooden Toy Airplanes

Last Christmas I built some toy airplanes for the little kids. It seems I didn’t post any images of the build here so I’ve posted the photo album below:

Toy Airplane

Wooden (Lego) Boxes

Last Christmas I built some “Lego” boxes for the little kids. It’s the first Christmas they’ve been with us and I wanted them to have something that is special…something you can’t just go buy at a store. Below is the album showing the build process.

Tool (Lego) Boxes

Nostalgia: Tommy Gun

Nostalgic thoughts are those that come to you causing you to suddenly realize “it has been a long time since…” or “it was a long time ago when…”.

Here’s something that caused that for me. Approximately seven years ago I built (2) wooden Tommy Guns; (1) for each twin. I haven’t built any more since then, only those two exist.

The other day they came to kind and I asked, “whatever happened to those Tommy Guns.” The twins, both in college now, still have them. Pretty cool. I hope they keep them to pass on. Maybe I’ll build more for grand kids. Here’s a picture of Coke’s Tommy Gun:


Adding Shingles to the Toy Horse Stable

Here are the pictures from when I added the shingles to the toy Horse Stable project:

Listening to and implementing good suggestions from others improves the quality of the project you are working on.

One More Thing

Often, upon finishing a project, you look at it an say, “That looks really good. But…” What follows in that statement could be a list of things or it could be just one item.

That one item can make a big difference in the end result. So, at that moment, you have a choice to make. You can decide you are too tired to do more, and it’s good enough, or you could decide it’s worth the extra effort.

While working on Bailey’s Horse Stable project this situation occurred. The project looked really good, but…. It came down to the roof. Everything else worked and the roof was nice but not wow.


Wendy spotted it first. She asked the question and made the suggestion that shingles on the roof would be really cool. Time and lack of specific tools prevented me from making the type she originally suggested.

With a little thought I was able to come up with an idea to make the shingles without a lot of expense and I already had the tools for the job. Pride could have prevented me from being receptive to Wendy’s suggestion but I think the project wouldn’t have turned out as well.

Here’s what the stable looks like with shingles:


Now I’m so much happier with this project! Before you start thinking, “Sure, it’s nice if you want to feed your narcissism,” consider this:

This is a gift for a child; Wendy’s niece, Bailey. The reaction that others, especially adults, have toward this stable will affect her. When people give it the wow effect she’s going to know someone gave her something special.

Bailey will know that her aunt Wendy thinks she is very special. That’s worth the extra effort for one more thing. By the way, everyone is like Bailey in that respect.

P.S.—I did it so Wendy would know she’s special to me.

Construction Photos of Bailey’s Horse Stable

The gallery below shows the construction photos of the American Girl Horse Stable.

Bailey’s American Girl Horse Stable

Wendy came up with a great Christmas gift idea for her niece, Bailey: An American Girl Pony Stable. I said I could build it, she promptly found dimensions.

Luckily I had all the materials already in my workshop. I got it all cut to size in short order.

The assembly went quickly and the results are very nice. But, we both agreed, it needs shingles. I’ve figured out how I’m going to do them and plan to finish them tomorrow.