Cabin Cabinets (2-Door Base)

2-Door Base Cabinet

Construction on one of the 2-door base cabinets is complete. It took me a little longer than I would have liked because of so many other projects interrupting me. I still need to build another 2-door base and a 1-door base to complete all the cabinets for the cabin.

I’m about halfway through construction of the second 2-door base cabinet. I’m happy with the results of this first one and I believe the rest will be fine as well. I’ve learned a few things along the way that I will implement into my workshop cabinets. Nothing major, just small design and construction things that come with experience.

Finishing these cabinets will, of course, trigger other projects for the cabin but that’s the whole point. It really, really, needs to be completed and I’m building up momentum. Don’t want to lose it now.

Drill Press Vise Cabinet

Drill Press Vise Cabinet

The drill press vise in my woodworking shop sits on the base (near the floor) below the drill press table. Since most of the work in the shop is woodworking, the vise ends up getting sawdust caked in the grease on its acme screws.

The situation is a less-than-optimum for keeping the vise in good working condition. Plus I have a new workshop philosophy to keep things stored away so they don’t get dusty and caked up. Having things in cabinets makes it much easier to clean the workshop, too. So I needed to build something.

There was some leftover Baltic Birch plywood from my Cabin Cabinet build so I decided to make a small cabinet for the drill press vise. The 3/4″ bottom of the cabinet is seated in dadoes on the side panels and the 1/4″ back panel is seated in grooves on the side panels. The top of the cabinet seats in rabbet joints on the side panels.

The door is frame and panel construction using some 1″ x 4″ clear pine for the rails and stiles with 1/4″ Baltic Birch for the panel. The hinges I used are 170º full overlay European style hinges that were left over from a past project.

Finally, I applied some Minwax Clear Satin Wipe-on Poly to seal and protect the wood. It’s easy to apply and dries fast so it suits my purpose for shop cabinets, etc. very well.

Pictures of the build.