Christian Charity

It’s strange how Christians support institutions which are explicitly anti-Christian. Are we, then, properly practicing Christianity? Or, are we being bad Christians?

“We all know that benevolence, or Christian charity, as we see it in its manifold and beautiful forms, is the result of the presence and influence of Christ in the heart and in the world. We fail to see such things in the heathen world. Charity belongs to Christianity. It is the work of Christ. Now, when a man gives, and fails to acknowledge Christ in the gift, he has robbed the Son of God of his peculiar glory.”

“Let me illustrate: In a certain distant city there exists a newspaper that is anti-Christ, anti-religion anti-everything that is holy. Whenever a case of public suffering comes up this newspaper opens its columns for contributions, and the contributions flow in. Two-thirds of the donors are Christian men and women inspired by the love of Christ; but mark you, a Christless newspaper gets the glory, and not the Saviour.”

Excerpt From: Rev. Mr. Beverly Carradine. “Secret Societies.” iBooks.

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