7 Reflections on Forty Years of Writing // Asbury Seedbed

7 Reflections on Forty Years of Writing // Asbury Seedbed.

  1. Let’s take Scripture seriously, unfiltered, without blinders, inductively.
  2. The church is a spiritual/social organism with its own ecology.
  3. God is always in the business of radically renewing the church, if we are open to the Spirit and faithful to Scripture.
  4. God has “a plan for the fullness of time to bring everything in heaven and earth together under one head, even Jesus Christ” (Eph. 1:10).
  5. Christians are “stewards of God’s grace” (1 Peter 4:10) and stewards of the earth.
  6. Since God is always at work to renew the church, church history is largely the story of a succession of renewal movements, from the early church right up to today.
  7. We have unbounded confidence that God will fulfill all his promises.

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