Introvert Pride? Introversion Demystified

Introvert Pride? Introversion Demystified by Victoria Raphael | Noomii.

I completely agree with this article. Extroverts look at me—an introvert, note that I operate differently and think, “I need to help him become normal.” Then they help me by attempting to make me do all things I find uncomfortable. Ugh.

I used to really resent people (extroverts) because I thought they were being intentionally unkind to me. Now I realize they don’t really know they are being cruel. It also reminds me to slow down and evaluate the situation when people I’m attempting to help someone and they balk or close off.

Sometimes, just being accessible is the right help. I wouldn’t prescribe large quantities of chocolate to cure a dog of digestion ailments, why treat an introvert like an extrovert or visa versa?

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