Happy Memories

There’s a strange phenomena that I’m experiencing. As I get older—I’m not old yet—I begin to, retrospectively, realize the happy moments in my life. This gives me an interesting perspective on life going forward.

Here’s a photo of one of those past events:

Looks pretty basic, huh? Let me say this: I cherish that picture. Memories flood into my mind when I see it. It’s very special because it’s a happy, candid time I’m having with Karen and Corbin after mowing the yard on a Saturday morning at Chelsham house.

I’m very fond of this scene and it reminds me of many other moments with Clinton, Cole and Kyle that I cherish just as much. The sad thing is, I probably didn’t realize it at the time. Like I said at the beginning of this post, time—age—is giving me a new perspective.

I pray I won’t miss the beauty of these moments I have with my family going forward. Grand-parenting will probably be staggeringly awesome. We’ll see, once we get all these guys through college…

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