Moleskine Gardening Journal


Moleskine® Passion Journal – Gardening

In my previous post I mentioned how fond I am of the Moleskine Journals and Notebooks. While researching the different products made by Moleskine I came across their Passion Journals. These are a great idea because they give some structure to the journal. Even if they are only initially used, they will help you set up a structural system to help format your journal to make it consistent and easy to use and read.

At the time of this post there were nineteen different Passion Journals but one was of particular interest to me. Wendy really loves gardening, she is even working towards her Master Gardener certification. So, when I saw that there was a Gardening Journal, I had to get her one.

One it came is I was so impressed by it that I ordered three others; the Wellness, Home Life and Dog Journals. I’m very excited to use them.

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