Ammo Can Storage Rack Update

When I look at this blog it seems like nothing is going on. This is odd because their are so many things happening right now. The major construction on the Ammo Can Storage Racks v2 is complete (I’ll have pictures below). I have been working diligently on the development of the Hot Wire Foam Cutter project.

All of the electrics are done; some fine tweaks will occur but it’s 99%. I have designed the Workbench for the workshop; construction is to begin soon. Getting the Workbench completed with all of its drawers is exciting because it will allow me to organize a lot of my tools, etc. and clear space to assemble my 4′ x 8′ 4-axis CNC Router.

The CNC Router is going to be great fun and, I’m sure, quite a bit of trial and error. In order to use the CNC Router I’ve been doing a lot of training on Autodesk Fusion 360 software in order to design projects, then have the CNC Router cut the parts. All of the projects I have going right now are fairly interdependent.

Even the Hot Wire Foam Cutter will help me cut foam inserts for the drawers in the Workbench to organize tools and hold them in place. It seems like a whirlwind of projects going on. During all this activity I need to continue sealing and finishing the Cabin Cabinets so I can install the in late May or June.

It’s almost overwhelming but it’s all a lot of fun. Well, for now, here are the 99% completed Ammo Can Storage Racks v2.

My DAK monogram is cut into the sides.


Two racks ready for bolt-up.

I’m real happy with the quality this fabricator produces. For indoor finish work I think he’ll be my go-to fabricator.

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of the racks installed:

Ammo Can Storage Racks installed.

5 Thoughts on “Ammo Can Storage Rack Update

  1. Steve on 2017-11-25 at 2:49 am said:

    Hi, the rack looks great. How much did the final rack cost you to build?

    • admin on 2018-01-15 at 7:56 am said:

      This updated version of the storage rack cost approximately $950 each to have fabricated and powder-coated. The original design was almost the same amount. I didn’t price them out competitively, I just had a known fabricator build them. If you price it out competitively, you may be able to improve the price but it takes some special tools to laser cut the metal and large breaks to bend it; not a lot of fabricators have equipment that heavy. The original design can be built for less than $300 if you can weld your own.

      • Landon on 2020-01-08 at 1:55 am said:

        It seems the Fabricator is out of DFW? Would you mind sharing the name of the shop? I am also out of DFW, and I would like to contact him and possibly have him make something similar. I have no experience with this, but would really love to have a quality rack like this.

        • The fabricator I used is IER Electrical OEM (NE Houston area); this iteration of the rack is fabricated with a method they use to fabricate custom electrical equipment. They laser cut the steel, bend it into the proper shape, then weld it up.

          Here’s the contact information for them:

          IER Electrical OEM (Jeff Daniels)
          5910 Hamblen Dr, Humble, TX 77396
          (281) 441-9321

          • Landon Wiebusch on 2020-01-08 at 6:46 pm said:

            Thank you so much. I may have some other questions, but don’t want to clutter up your comments section. Would you mind shooting me an email. I assume you have access to that. If not, I can provide it to you.

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