Cokesbury – Selections by William Barclay

Cokesbury – Other Selections by William Barclay.

I’m very excited that I found eBook (ePub format) versions of the William Barclay commentaries on the books of the New Testament at Cokesbury. I first used the commentaries to study the Gospel of Mark in an adult Sunday School class taught by Vernon Stewart. Vernon was an amazing man and I hope I can someday get as close to God as he was. Vernon is the reason I believe in John Wesley’s concept of Christian Perfection.

A Great Sunday Morning

This morning the kids, Cole, Kyle (known collectively as The Twins) and Corbin were still at their Boy Scout campout. So, with that variation in our Sunday morning routine, me and Wendy did things a little differently.

We went to our regular Harvest worship service which was awesome—Andy Nixon from The Loft gave the message today (he and I share some personality traits; yeah, he’s that good) ;-). After we attended the Harvest service we were able to have the time to go to brunch. A rare, second no-kids dinner together.

Still having time on our hands after brunch, we went back to The Loft where Rob Renfroe was giving the message there. I always enjoy his messages and today was no different.

Rob’s message today reminded me that—even with my ISTJ personality—I need people in my life. I know he’s right and I strive to enhance the strengths of my personality and overcome its weaknesses. As Rob taught today, and I agree, Small Groups is the answer.

An awesome Sunday morning! Now, which small group?

I Love RapidWeaver But…

I really do love using RapidWeaver on my Mac to make my personal web site. But here’s the issue: I’m mobile. I need to be able to edit my site whenever I get a spare moment to do so. In order to edit the site whenever I get time, I need tools that are mobile. RapidWeave can’t do that.

So, after experimenting with the WordPress app on iOS, I decided to take the plunge and relaunch a WordPress site. Same primary rule though: keep it simple. I’m looking forward to using WordPress again, it has been many years. WordPress looks great!