8-Drawer Small Parts Cabinet

8-Drawer Small Parts Cabinet (extended)

8-Drawer Small Parts Cabinet

I came across an article about using an airline beverage cart for a storage solution for hot glue and paint. After hunting online for quite a while, I became frustrated by the condition of the used carts and the price of the new carts. So, as usual, I decided I could do a better job at getting what I want at the level of quality I want and maybe save some money in the process.

The downside to buying used equipment online is that, when you need another piece, you may not be able to match what you already have. By building your own equipment you can customize it to your needs and build as many items as you need with consistent quality.

A quick search online gave me the dimensions of the cart and drawers. Using that information I went to Sketchup and began to design the small parts drawers (shown in image above) for all my gun parts and gunsmith tools. In the design I used stainless steel, spring loaded latches and UHMW plastic rails for the drawer slides. I have all the baltic birch plywood in my workshop and the hardware & rails are ordered from McMaster-Carr.

Once the design was complete in Sketchup I exported it to Layout (included with Sketchup Pro) to make the build drawings. The cabinet will work well on a stationary base as well as it would on casters. Below are some download links for the model and drawings on this project.

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